Case 450B & 455B Dozer/Loader Parts

Explore our wide variety of Case 450B and 455B dozer and loader aftermarket parts. We also offer parts for other Case models, such as the Case 450, 450C, and 455C, so rest assured knowing you can get your heavy machinery running excellently in no time.

Why Get Quality Parts for Your Case 450B Dozer?

Bulldozers and loaders need regular checkups to ensure optimal functionality. For a more efficient preventive maintenance program, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Do a quick machine walkaround each day to check for leaks, cracked hoses, and loose bearings.
  • Examine the engine for any debris buildup or signs of condensation.
  • Check fluids on a daily basis, including oil, fuel, coolant, hydraulic fluid, and diesel exhaust fluid.
  • Grease crucial moving parts daily.
  • Log machine hours to maintenance intervals.

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