Identifying Cylinders on your Excavator

Excavator Cylinder Identification Diagram


Common Excavator Cylinders

Excavator Boom Cylinder

The boom cylinders are responsible for lifting the entire boom up and down. On larger machines it is common that there will be two boom cylinders, one on either side of the boom.


Excavator Stick Cylinder

Also called the Arm, Crowd, and Dipper, the stick cylinder moves the dipper arm front and back, toward and away from the cab. This is usually the largest cylinder on the machine.

Excavator Bucket Cylinder

The Bucket cylinder curls the bucket forward and backward. Also referred to as the dump cylinder.

Swing Cylinder (Not Pictured)

Swing cylinders are only found on mini and small excavators. They swing the entire boom to the left and right.

Blade Cylinder (Not Pictured)

Blade cylinders are usually only found on small to medium sized excavators. They are responsible for lifting a blade attachment up and down.


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